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8 gorgeous Sydney Harbour weddings

8 gorgeous Sydney Harbour weddings

More than 30% of the weddings held in Australia in the past few years have been in New South Wales, and Sydney is by far the jewel in the state’s crown. With the stunning Sydney Harbour featuring so many landmarks, it is no wonder couples flock to the area to bring their dream wedding to life.

 Here are eight gorgeous Sydney Harbour weddings to inspire you…

Rustic garden elegance

Christine and Paul were married overlooking the Sydney harbour. Image: Hilary Cam Photography

Christine and Paul celebrated their rustic garden wedding overlooking the Sydney harbour. Image: Hilary Cam Photography

Christine Freeburn and Paul Miles chose to tie the knot at Opera Point at Sydney Opera House. They used the grounds for an outdoor ceremony, which was a beautifully themed rustic garden affair that was framed by the majestic Harbour Bridge.

They then partied the night away in the venue’s luxury marquee.

Romantic fun

Caesar and Simon tapped into their fun sides at Luna Park. Image:

Caesar and Simon tapped into their fun sides at Luna Park. Image: Two Peaches Photography

Caesar Win and Simon Vutich’s exchanged vows in front of 170 guests at St Thomas Anglican Church in North Sydney.

With the formal ceremony complete, they flocked to Luna Park’s Crystal Ballroom to let their hair down and celebrate with style.

Black and white wedding elegance

Hine and Cameron took sophistication to the next level with a Sydney harbor backdrop. Image:

Hine and Cameron took sophistication to the next level with a Sydney harbor backdrop. Image: Daniel Griffiths Photography

Cameron Perrin proposed to Hine Te on the Sydney Harbour during the city’s outdoor light festival, Vivid. So it was little wonder that they decided to head back to the picturesque waterline for their wedding.


Are you having an engagement photo shoot?

They were married at the Royal Botanic Gardens, before their 107 guests were treated to a reception at five-star hotel Pier One Sydney with incredible views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Lunar Park.

Modern art deco affair

Rebecca and Justin said "I do" with a stunning harbour backdrop. Image:

Rebecca and Justin said “I do” with a stunning harbour backdrop. Image: Weddings by Morris

Rebecca Candy and Justin Lawler pulled off a stunning wedding on a tight budget, maximising the stunning views of the Sydney Harbour from the nearby Gunners’ Barracks.

The art deco venue perfectly suited the theme for their casual affair, which was celebrated with 67 guests.

The ride called marriage

Annette and Anthony unleashed their wild side at Luna Park. Image:

Annette and Anthony unleashed their wild side at Luna Park. Image: MM Photos

Annette Vitetta and Anthony Verges had the best of both worlds on their wedding day – a stylish and sophisticated wedding ceremony in Bradfield Park on the water’s edge, overlooking the Sydney Opera, followed by fun and frivolity at Luna Park for their wedding reception.

Their 152 guests had less than 300 meters to travel to reach Luna Park’s Crystal Ballroom, where they were given ride passes and unleashed their inner children.

Smoke on the water

Sandra and David chose Sydney Harbour to show off their city to international guests. Image:

Sandra and David chose Sydney Harbour to show off their city to international guests. Image: Milenko Weddings

Sandra Cho and David Kim were slightly devastated when their Sydney wedding was taken over by an intense smoke haze from burns offs around the city.

They had chosen Pier One to give their international guests the best possible views of the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge, but the smoke provided a veil that obscured the usually spectacular views.

Despite the haze, Sandra says they had the most magical day, and loved the unique effect of the smoke in their wedding photos.

Party atmosphere in abundance

Jess and Mark looked elegant along the Sydney Harbour. Image:

Jess and Mark looked elegant along the Sydney Harbour. Image: Karen Gilvear Photography

Jess Mancini and Mark Goodey were determined to create a relaxing, party atmosphere for their elegant Sydney wedding. And with their ceremony at Mosman Art Gallery followed by a reception at Dockside Darling Harbour, they pulled it off for their 135 guests.

With the venues close to the Sydney Harbour, the couple were able to get some magical wedding snaps on the waterfront.

Stunning reception option

Patricia and Alex's guests felt like they were dancing on the city. Image:

Patricia and Alex’s guests felt like they were dancing on the city. Image: Blumenthal Photography

Patricia Doyle and Alex Tsicalas were married at Sydney’s stunning Garrison Church and enjoyed the dazzling lights of the city by night with a reception at the Shangri-La Hotel.

The hotel’s Altitude Restaurant gave the impression of being on top of the world, with guests getting the feeling of “dancing on the city.”

The venues were within walking distance of each other, and allowed the couple to make the most of iconic photo opportunities at the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge.

Why you need to have a Halloween wedding

Why you need to have a Halloween wedding

Planning your own wedding allows you to have creative control regardless of the theme. For a Halloween wedding however, the boundaries are pushed beyond what society would classify ‘normal’ for a wedding celebration.

The great thing about Halloween weddings is that they don’t have to compromise creativity or class to include elements that are especially spooky. Despite the knee-jerk reaction to deem them ‘tacky’ or ‘cheesy’, many couples have and will continue to have Halloween spooktacular weddings.

halloween wedding

Dramatic colours

While traditional weddings often include blush, pastel, and romantic colours, there’s nothing holding you back from using dark and ominous colours in your Halloween wedding. Incredibly beautiful bouquets and floral arrangements made of black and dark coloured roses and blooms can create the Halloween aesthetic without necessarily breaking out the skull and crossbones.

Another unique way to add a touch of eeriness to your wedding is to include coloured smoke bombs in your wedding photos. You mightn’t choose to deck out your entire wedding with Halloween props and costumes, but the inclusion of coloured smoke is just enough eeriness to create beautiful photos and give you that gothic look you desire.

halloween wedding

Photo by Rachel Berkman

Unconventional wedding attire

While most brides jump at the chance to wear a traditional wedding dress, some simply don’t feel themselves in a white dress. Why, when you usually wear dark colours, change for one of the most important days of your life?

The Halloween theme is great for allowing couples to truly be themselves – and if that means wearing a black corseted dress, so be it!

Additionally, those more inclined to plan a Halloween wedding may be more experimental with makeup and hair, so you might come across a bride with green hair and a groom with purple.

Halloween is the time of year you can truly be yourself, so Halloween weddings are great for those with creative flair and a love for everything ‘unconventional’.

halloween wedding

See this Halloween wedding shot by Scott Andrew Parlett

All black everything

For a lot of women, black is their colour of choice when it comes to clothes. It makes sense then, to wear it on their special day.

This doesn’t only apply to attire, as incredibly romantic and classy weddings have been created using black decor, flower arrangements, cutlery, and crockery. Some newlyweds have even cut a black wedding cake!

Although Sophie Cachia (aka The Young Mummy – pictured below) wore a black dress, her wedding was not Halloween themed. This means even ‘traditional’ weddings can incorporate gothic and ‘typically Halloween’ colours, and still look incredibly chic.

halloween wedding

Image sourced from Mamamia

Spooky decor

Decor is where couples planning a Halloween wedding can have a little fun. Think tall, dramatic candlesticks, a candlelit dinner, and splashes of black, burgundy, and pastel purples. Halloween weddings allow for spooky decor including decorative skulls, metal drinking goblets, and the usual Halloween paraphernalia such as pumpkins, black cats, and hairy spiders.

Keep in mind that the Halloween theme is easy to push into ‘cheesy’ territory, so if you’re going for the classy gothic Halloween aesthetic, be sure to choose decor items that go with your overall colour palette and theme.

halloween wedding

Photo sourced from Green Wedding Shoes


Halloween lends itself to masquerade, allowing guests to wear masks and disguises and be truly themselves (or someone else) for the night. Halloween weddings may take the path of allowing guests to dress up to suit the spooky theme, or couples planning a Halloween wedding may provide masks as bomboniere (a way to say thank you for attending) at the event. This way, guests won’t have to put effort into their costume to suit the Halloween theme, and everyone can still participate in the spooktacular fun.

halloween wedding

See this Halloween wedding shot by Scott Andrew Parlett

Halloween candy

Possibly most important of all, Halloween weddings give couples the chance to go absolutely nuts with the candy buffet. Think toffee apples, black cupcakes, and whatever you’d usually collect when doing the round of Trick or Treat.

Halloween candy buffets can even double with bomboniere stations, allowing guests to pick and choose what treats to take home with them.

5 steps for handling guests who don’t RSVP

5 steps for handling guests who don’t RSVP

Remember back in primary school, when you’d send out a note to the person you had a crush on? It would read something like “Do you like me?” with some boxes, yes, no, and if you wanted a chance of a potential ‘relationship’, a box for maybe. Chances are, the person would tick a box pretty quickly, hand it to a friend, and you would have your answer before the school bell rang. So why, oh why, when you have found the love of your life and send out wedding invitations to guests do so many of them fail to respond quickly? How do you handle guests who don’t RSVP?



It is a question many couples have torn their hair out over. What seems like a simple task, with a simple action – i.e ticking a box and posting the card back – can actually cause major headaches when you are planning a wedding and a large percentage of our guests fail to RSVP.

So, how do you handle guests who don’t RSVP? Here are some tips to help you deal with them with poise and grace.

Jenny Blue Design

Jenny Blue Design

Step 1 – Breathe

Yes, it is super frustrating that you have given your guests a couple of weeks to let you know if they will be attending your wedding and they still haven’t replied.

Yes, your head is probably buzzing with what you will do with your seating plan, catering, and bomboniere if you don’t yet have final numbers.

And yes, you will probably want to get fair up the people who have done this to you… but take some time to breathe! People do lead busy lives, and there is this thing where you dream you’ve done something and not actually done it in real life…



Step 2 – Give them another couple of days

If you have provided guests with a card to post back to you, rather than allowing them to email or text their response, wait a few more days before you start to holler at them for not responding.

They may have literally posted their RSVP after close of business on the date you placed on your invite, which means it will take the post a few days to get the card back to you.

Lovestruck Invitations

Lovestruck Invitations

Step 3 – Start the calls

Now that you have taken a breath (or 20…_ and waited an appropriate length of time to ensure any posted RSVPs have made their way to your letterbox, you can start getting on the phone to talk to those you haven’t yet heard from.

If your list is extensive, you might like to ask someone to help you to get through it. Give them a call and rather than pointing the proverbial finger and screaming, “Why haven’t you sent me an RSVP yet!?!” go in calmly and ask them if they had received your invite in the mail. If the response is yes, follow with something like, “We haven’t yet received your RSVP card and we’d love to know if you will be able to join us?”

If you want to emphasise the point that you need an answer NOW, you can mention how you need to provide final numbers to the venue and caterer.

Personally Invited Invitations

Personally Invited Invitations

Step 4 –  Get on email/text

If you cannot reach your guests on the phone, leave a voicemail. Then, follow it up with a text message or email. You should continue in the same relaxed tone as what you would have over the phone, but you may like to be a bit more definite on what is going to happen next.

Because your deadlines are looming and you do need final numbers, you might need to take more of a business-like approach and suggest that if you do not hear back from them by a certain time, (give them a couple of days at least, if you can spare them) they will be marked as not attending.

To word this delicately, you could go with something like: “We hope you received our wedding invitation that was extended to you x weeks ago. We have not yet received an RSVP from you and we will need to get the final numbers to our venue and caterer. If we don’t hear back from you by x, we will assume you are unable to attend. If you would like to join us to celebrate our big day, please give us a call as soon as you can.

Just remember: do NOT send a group email or text! Send your messages to each individual.

The Right Invite

The Right Invite

Step 5 – If they still don’t respond

You have now done everything in your power to let your potential guest know that you need an answer. If they still don’t respond by the later date you have set for them, you can totally strike them from the list and move on. If you would like to give them another chance, because you really want them there, or if you still have a little time up your sleeve before final numbers need to be locked in, you can totally do so.

6 forest venues for a Dandenong Ranges wedding

6 forest venues for a Dandenong Ranges wedding

Located in Victoria and dreaming of creating a forest wedding in the Dandenong Ranges? To get you started on your wedding planning journey, here are 6 forest venues for a Dandenong Ranges wedding.

dandenong ranges wedding

Click here to browse venues located around the Dandenong Ranges

SkyHigh Mount Dandenong

SkyHigh Mount Dandenong could be the very place that makes your wedding dreams come true. Featuring a beautiful garden and gazebo for your ceremony, this venue is a photographer’s paradise! And, with the ability to host 180 guests for a sit-down reception and 320 guests cocktail, there’s something to suit every wedding at SkyHigh Mount Dandenong. Give their glowing customer reviews a read today!

skyhigh mount dandenong, dandenong ranges wedding

Tatra Receptions

Situated on ten acres of magnificent gardens in the picturesque Dandenong Ranges, Tatra Receptions is the perfect setting for your wedding. With easy car access and ample parking, the venue also offers exclusive use of its extensive facilities including its chapel and gazebo. Tatra has everything you need in one delightful venue, with professional and friendly staff to cater to your every wedding need. Check out their storefront today!

tatra receptions, dandenong ranges wedding

Dine Divine

Situated in Sassafras, Victoria, Dine Divine could be the place to host your dream wedding. This 1902 church is perfect for wedding photography and can accommodate 90 guests for a sit-down meal and 200 guests for a cocktail event. Meet with their team of professionals this weekend and begin planning your special day at Dine Divine!

dine divine dandenong ranges wedding

Mist @ Olinda

Set in the stunning National Rhododendron Gardens, newly renovated Mist @ Olinda offers the perfect place to host your garden wedding. Featuring a number of ceremony locations to choose from, and the ability to accommodate 250 guests for a seated reception and 400 cocktail guests, there’s something for weddings of all shapes, sizes, and budgets with Mist @ Olinda. Check out their glowing reviews today!

mist @ olinda - dandenong ranges wedding

Poet’s Lane

Set in the Dandenong Ranges, Poet’s Lane offers a gorgeous wedding venue for your big day. Featuring timeless laneways, a bridge, water features, high ceilings, chandeliers, a gazebo in the gardens, and a chapel with stained-glass windows, Poet’s Lane is a photographer’s dream come true! Check out their gallery and reviews – you won’t be disappointed.

poets lane, dandenong ranges wedding

Lyrebird Falls Receptions

Set in the forest of the Dandenong Ranges, Lyrebird Falls promises to create a unique, intimate, and beautiful wedding for your special day. Featuring an idyllic chapel, a gazebo, and a magnificent dining room, this venue has endless photography opportunities! Meet with their passionate, friendly, and dedicated wedding coordinators and begin planning your wedding at Lyrebird Falls Receptions.

lyrebird falls receptions - dandenong ranges wedding

10 Melbourne wedding photography locations to consider for your big day

10 Melbourne wedding photography locations to consider for your big day

Hosting your wedding in iconic Melbourne and searching for the perfect location to shoot your all-important wedding photos? Here are 10 Melbourne wedding photography locations to consider for your upcoming big day!

Hosier Lane

Hosier Lane, Melbourne VIC 3000

melbourne wedding photography locations

Hosier Lane, Melbourne

Renowned for being Melbourne’s most celebrated laneway for street art, Hosier Lane is the perfect place to visit to capture your forever cherished wedding photos. Located in the heart of Melbourne, this street art laneway is famous among tourists for its vibrant colours, edgy graffiti, stencils, and art installations. And, with street and graffiti artists adding to the walls as you watch, Hosier Lane is an experience like no other.

For those wanting classic wedding photography, perhaps Hosier Lane isn’t for you. However, if you desire contemporary photos that capture the true essence of what makes Melbourne great, then Hosier Lane is the ideal place to create unique and artistic wedding photography.

If you were thinking of visiting Hosier Lane for your wedding photography, keep in mind that the laneway is relatively small and is often filled with people admiring the street art, so your photos may include members of the public in the background.

Melbourne couple, Amanda and Ben, chose to visit Hosier Lane on their special day in 2015.

“I wanted an eclectic feel,” Amanda explains. The inclusion of Hosier Lane’s street art as backdrop just added to their art-filled day, as the pair held their reception at South Melbourne’s Smart ArtZ Gallery. See their entire wedding here.

melbourne wedding photography locations

See this wedding shot by Ben Differding

Parliament House

Spring Street, Melbourne

melbourne wedding photography locations

Imaged sourced from Wikipedia

Constructed between 1855 and 1929, Parliament House is perfect for those looking for something grand, classic, and historic as backdrop to their all-important wedding photos. Listed on the Victorian Heritage Register, and having celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2005-06, Melbourne’s Parliament House is iconic and therefore very popular among tourists and – of course – weddings!

If you are hoping to visit Parliament House on your wedding day, keep in mind that this particular location is situated in a very busy and popular location in Melbourne’s CBD. If you’re not into the hustle and bustle of the city, perhaps this wedding photography location isn’t for you.

If you do go ahead with your Parliament House wedding photos however, you will end up with something timeless, classic, and truly beautiful in a historic setting.

melbourne wedding photography locations

Image by Clarte Photography

Brighton Beach

Brighton Beach, Brighton

melbourne wedding photography locations

Brighton Beach, Melbourne

Located in the affluent beach-side suburb of Brighton – only 11 kilometres south-east of Melbourne’s CBD – Brighton Beach is ideal for those searching for a beach photography location with a point of difference. Famous for its colourful beach bathing boxes, tourists flock to Brighton Beach purely to marvel in their quirky glory.

The backdrop of the colourful bathing boxes is popular among wedding parties searching for a unique beach location, however, so keep this in mind when choosing to visit Brighton Beach.

Those who are interested in visiting Brighton Beach on their wedding day usually hold their wedding ceremony or reception somewhere nearby as it is not the closest beach location to the Melbourne CBD, and wedding photography sessions often do not allow enough time to be travelling all around Melbourne. Click here to browse wedding venues near Brighton.

Pictured below, Melbourne couple Priti and Justin wed nearby at St James Catholic Church in Brighton, making the trip to Brighton Beach an obvious choice when it came to wedding photos.

melbourne wedding photography locations

See this wedding shot by Marc Grist Photography

Albert Park Lake

Albert Park, Victoria 3206

melbourne wedding photography locatoins

Albert Park Lake, Melbourne

Stretching over 2.25 square kilometres of parkland, Albert Park certainly has enough space to create your dream wedding photos. This parkland is perfect for garden wedding ceremonies overlooking the lake, and has an abundance of waterfront wedding reception venues nearby for those looking to just duck away for a few hours for their photos. However, with its close proximity to the Melbourne CBD, wedding parties flock from ceremonies and receptions from all over the city to take their photos in Albert Park.

Pictured below, Melbourne couple Megan and Matthew shot their beautiful wedding photos in Albert Park, and continued their celebrations at a nearby waterfront venue – Carousel.

melbourne wedding photography locations

See this wedding shot by Tizia May Photography

St Kilda Beach

St Kilda, VIC 3182

melbourne wedding photography locations

St Kilda Beach

6 kilometres south of Melbourne’s centre, St Kilda Beach is perfect for those looking to create quintessential beach wedding photos. With a number of recreational activities taking place at St Kilda Beach, including swimming, sunbathing, windsurfing, sailing, kitesurfing, rollerblading, beach volleyball, jet skiing, and water skiing, wedding photos taken here are guaranteed to be something special.

St Kilda Beach is popular due to its proximity to nearby St Kilda wedding ceremony and reception venues, meaning ideal wedding photography opportunities are often only a walk away. Because of this, St Kilda Beach’s proximity to venues fits the relaxed nature of a beach wedding.

And, being only a short stroll from iconic Luna Park, you can also include that location as backdrop to your wedding photos.

melbourne wedding photography locations

See this wedding shot by Platform Eight

Flinders Street Station

Flinders Street, Melbourne VIC 3000

melbourne wedding photography locations

Flinders Street Station, Melbourne

Officially opened in 1910, Flinders Street Station is perfect for those wanting to incorporate Melbourne history into their cherished wedding photos.

If Melbourne’s hustle and bustle isn’t your idea of fun, perhaps iconic Flinders Street Station is not the wedding photography location for you.

Should you be interested, keep in mind that it is often hard to organise your wedding photos in a location that is so widely used by the Melbourne public. There’s little to no chance you’ll capture the iconic building without a few of the public in your shot, so if privacy is important to you, perhaps it’s best to reconsider Flinders Street Station. However, if you’re in the area anyway, you could simply cross the road and take your photos at Federation Square instead.

Pictured below, newlyweds Candy and Paul used the public outside of Flinders Street Station to give their wedding photos a point of difference. See their entire wedding here.

melbourne wedding photography locations

See this wedding shot by Victor Yang Photography

Federation Square

Swanston Street & Flinders Street, Melbourne VIC 3000

melbourne wedding photography locations

Federation Square, Melbourne

As mentioned above, Federation Square is just a stone throw away from Flinders Street Station. Built on a concrete deck above Melbourne’s busy railway lines, Federation Square is a multi-use development created as a public gathering place within the CBD. Because of this, many couples and their wedding parties flock to Federation Square to showcase Melbourne City as backdrop to their wedding photography.

Federation Square is the perfect place to take your wedding photos if your ceremony or reception is located in the vicinity. As this location is incredibly busy at all times, there may be some difficulty with parking your wedding transport nearby. This may present itself as a roadblock (pun intended) and may waste valuable photo shoot time.

Pictured below, Melbourne couple Christine and Marko visited famous Federation Square for their wedding photos. See their entire wedding here.

melbourne wedding photography locations

See this wedding shot by STUDIOMAX

Melbourne University

Melbourne University, Parkville VIC 3010

melbourne wedding photography locations

Melbourne University

Founded in 1853, the University of Melbourne is Australia’s second oldest university and the oldest in Victoria. It is for this reason that hundreds of newlyweds each year flock to Melbourne University’s grounds to take their wedding photos.

Featuring period architecture, the University of Melbourne is known for creating classic and timeless wedding photography. It is a popular location among future newlyweds looking for somewhere to take their wedding photos because of its history, gothic charm, and its incredibly beautiful grounds.

For those thinking about visiting the University of Melbourne for their wedding photos, keep in mind that the university is teeming with students during the week, so this location perhaps isn’t ideal for those planning a weekday wedding.

melbourne wedding photography

Image by Serendipity Photography Melbourne

Treasury Gardens

2-18 Spring Street, East Melbourne VIC 3002

melbourne wedding photography locations

Image sourced from Melbourne Fresh Daily

Located on the south-eastern side of the Melbourne CBD, and consisting of 14.4 acres of parkland, Treasury Gardens has plenty of space to accommodate your wedding photoshoot needs. Listed on the Victorian Heritage Register, these gardens are popular among future newlyweds searching for photo locations for its historical, archaeological, social, and horticultural importance.

Due to its proximity to the CBD, Treasury Gardens is ideal for anyone planning a Melbourne city wedding.

While there is plenty of space to take your all-important wedding photos, keep in mind that Treasury Gardens is public parkland, and you may attract some observers during your photo shoot.

Treasury Gardens is also a popular garden ceremony location. Click here to discover five other Melbourne wedding ceremony locations.

melbourne wedding photography locations

Image by Serendipity Photography Melbourne

Royal Exhibition Building and Carlton Gardens

9 Nicholson Street, Carlton VIC 3053

melbourne wedding photography locations

Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne

Completed in 1880, World Heritage Site-listed Royal Exhibition Building and the surrounding Carlton Gardens at the north-eastern edge of the CBD are popular among those searching for a beautiful garden location as the backdrop for their wedding photos.

An example of Victorian landscape design, the sweeping lawns of Carlton Gardens exhibits European and Australian tree plantings, and features a network of tree-lined paths highlighting the fountains and architecture of the Royal Exhibition Building. It is because of its historical, architectural, aesthetic, social, and scientific importance that the Royal Exhibition Building and the Carlton Gardens is so popular among couples planning their wedding photos.

Public ceremony locations: what are the requirements?

Public ceremony locations: what are the requirements?

Thinking of hosting your wedding ceremony in a public place, but unsure of what is required of you? Here’s everything you need to know about public ceremony locations.

public ceremony locations

Council permission

Depending on the public location, you may have to receive permission from the local council to host your wedding ceremony there. Along with this, you may have to pay a permit fee.

These permits are not exclusive, meaning members of the public are allowed to do as they please. Your permit allows you to host your event, holding you liable if anything were to go astray.

Respect the space

Once granted permission to host your wedding in a public space, you must agree to respect it and leave it as was before your wedding ceremony. This means refraining from nailing anything into old rotundas and gazebos, or leaving rubbish where your ceremony took place.

public ceremony locations

Numbers restrictions

Depending on the size of the public space, there may be a restriction on how many people you can invite to your event. For instance, a small public park may be suitable for an intimate wedding, but unsuitable for one in excess of 200 guests. Plus, the more guests you invite, the more cleaning up you will have to do afterwards.

Alcohol restrictions

Particular councils have passed by-laws that prohibit the consumption of alcohol on particular streets, parks, and other areas within their jurisdiction. Because of this, the public space you have chosen to host your wedding ceremony may fall into a ‘no alcohol zone’, meaning you and your guests are, by law, not allowed to drink alcohol during or immediately after your ceremony.

public ceremony locations

No littering

While this falls under ‘respect the space’, littering is a big enough issue itself to be its own category. By hosting your ceremony in a public place, you are agreeing to leave the space in perfect condition – just as you found it. Not only is littering frowned upon, but it is illegal and may warrant some extra charges if you leave the space untidy or dirty.

Time restraints

Particular public spaces may have time restraints, often meaning your ceremony can’t take place in the middle of the night and can’t go all weekend. In our experience with weddings, the wedding party are often dying to get to the reception venue and kick off the party, so usually time restraints don’t cause too much of an issue.

public ceremony locations

10 ways to wear your hair down on your wedding day

10 ways to wear your hair down on your wedding day

Looking for some wedding day hairstyle inspiration but want to wear your hair down? Let these gorgeous real brides direct from our real weddings blog show you how it’s done.
Here are 10 ways to wear your hair down on your wedding day:

Long spiral waves

Photos courtesy of Anchor & the Sea Photography.

Photos courtesy of Anchor & the Sea Photography.

Glamourous curls

10 ways to wear your hair down on your wedding day

Photos courtesy of Stirling Photography.

Relaxed waves

10 ways to wear your hair down on your wedding day

Photos courtesy of Charlie Ralph Photography.

Part up, Part down

Photos courtesy of Trent Daft Photography.

Photos courtesy of Trent Daft Photography.

Long, bohemian waves

Photos courtesy of James Simmons Photography.

Photos courtesy of James Simmons Photography.

Loose waves with a flower crown

Photos courtesy of Trish Woodford Photography.

Photos courtesy of Trish Woodford Photography.

Perfect vintage waves

Photos courtesy of Shannon Stent Images.

Photos courtesy of Shannon Stent Images.

With a beautiful wedding hairpiece

Photos courtesy of Flipmax Studio and Nick Vandermolen Design

Photos courtesy of Flipmax Studio and Nick Vandermolen Design

6 Geelong wedding venues you need to visit this weekend

6 Geelong wedding venues you need to visit this weekend

Dreaming of creating the quintessential seaside wedding in sunny Geelong? If you have time this weekend, we recommend you grab your partner and visit these 6 Geelong wedding venues:

geelong wedding venues

Click here to browse wedding venues located in Geelong and along Great Ocean Road

The Pier Geelong

Designed specifically to create the perfect waterfront wedding atmosphere, The Pier Geelong could be the wedding venue of your dreams! This versatile wedding venue features floor to ceiling windows, breathtaking water and Geelong city skyline views, and the capacity to cater for both intimate gatherings and large soirees of 700 or more guests. Check out their storefront and reviews, and give The Pier Geelong a visit this weekend!

the pier geelong, geelong wedding venues

Geelong Library & Heritage Centre

Located in the heart of Geelong’s CBD, the iconic Geelong Library and Heritage Centre offers a unique experience for your big day. Featuring a striking fifth-floor balcony with views of the bay and the city, this venue is sure to leave your guests with a lasting impression. Meet with their experienced and dedicated team this weekend and begin crafting your dream wedding at Geelong Library and Heritage Centre.

geelong wedding venues, geelong library and heritage centre

Le Parisien

Le Parisien could just be the wedding venue of your dreams. Featuring exposed Oregon timber beams, large panoramic glass windows, and uninterrupted bay views, this venue has three function spaces to choose from. And, with custom wedding packages tailored to suit your wedding vision and budget, no two weddings are the same at Le Parisien! Check out their storefront and visit them this weekend.

le parisien, geelong wedding venues

Royal Geelong Yacht Club

Sat on the water’s edge, the Royal Geelong Yacht Club offers captivating views of the marina as backdrop to your special day. Working to maintain the highest standards and attention to detail, this venue is renowned for its use of fresh ingredients and produce, and its impeccable service. Check out their storefront today and begin planning your magical waterfront wedding at Royal Geelong Yacht Club!

royal geelong yacht club, geelong wedding venues

Capri Receptions

With a reputation built on 45 years of experience, Capri Receptions knows how to create an unforgettable wedding. Providing an elegant reception venue, personalised decor options, and a great menu selection, Capri Receptions has everything you need to bring your wedding vision to life. Check out their storefront and glowing customer reviews, and organise to meet with Capri Receptions this weekend!

capri receptions, geelong wedding venues

Mount Zion Chapel on Little Ryrie

First opened in 1857, Mount Zion Chapel on Little Ryrie is the oldest Baptist church of its kind in Victoria – perfect for those who want to say ‘I do’ in a historic location. Featuring heritage architecture and an abundance of natural light, this venue comfortably seats up to 100 guests and accommodates 150 for a cocktail function. Meet with their highly professional team this weekend and begin planning your special day at Mount Zion Chapel!

How to decide on your wedding budget

How to decide on your wedding budget

Newly engaged and trying to figure out how much to allocate to your wedding budget? Before you put a number estimation on paper, here’s what we recommend you consider.

wedding budget

Who’s paying?

First things first, who’s pocket is the money for the wedding coming out of? If it’s your own, your wedding can be as big or as small as you want. If you or your fiance’s parents are willing to pay for the wedding in part or in entirety, you will have more money to play with but more opinions and feelings to consider when it comes to wedding planning.

What’s important to you?

In your eyes, certain elements of your wedding may be more important than others. For instance, if you place a large emphasis on finding your dream wedding dress, you might use a large portion of your entire wedding budget on just this. Or, if the location is important to you, you might find yourself spending your first initial budget estimation on the location alone. It’s all about knowing what’s important to you and allocating your wedding budget accordingly.

wedding budget

How many people are you inviting?

If you come from a large family who live their lives surrounded by great company and even better food, you may have to factor this in when deciding on your wedding budget.

If you have a small family or are aware you enjoy intimate gatherings rather than large soirees, your wedding budget may reflect this. Having said this, sometimes intimate gatherings cost just as much as larger weddings, as those who host small weddings often fork out more money to ensure their guests have a great time, and typically pay more attention to the luxurious details that are important to them.

Most venues will have a ‘price per head’, so if your guest list reaches well above the hundred mark, you may have to pool a larger wedding budget to accommodate this, or choose a cheaper option.

Location and venue

For some couples, the location and venue that houses the wedding of their dreams is what’s most important. This is especially true for those who choose to host a destination wedding.

When considering your wedding budget, ask yourself: where do I want to get married? How much will it cost to get married there? Is it significantly more or less to get married there rather than in my hometown?

Other costs may come into play. If you’re toying with the idea of a destination wedding, you may have to consider if and how the prices hike in particularly popular tourist times. Or, if your wedding is in your hometown, the venue’s reputability or exclusiveness may contribute to a higher cost.

A larger wedding budget will help you snag the wedding venue of your dreams, granted the venue and its location is the most important thing to you.

wedding budget

Date and time

Your wedding date might have some impact on how much you’ll have to fork out for your dream wedding. For instance, if you’re planning a winter wedding, the cost of your venue may slump significantly. Similarly, if you plan a weekday wedding, you may find vendors offering discounted rates.

On the flip side, if you plan on hosting a weekend wedding in the hight of wedding season (November to February), you’ll have to factor this in when deciding on your wedding budget. During the peak period, wedding vendors are incredibly busy and often booked out for months, so a larger wedding budget will help to secure the wedding vendors you want.


Certain styles and themes of weddings can contribute to their overall expense. For instance, a luxury wedding will always cost more than a DIY wedding. A traditional wedding in a ballroom will always require a larger budget than an intimate garden wedding.

If you’re hoping to create a wedding on a smaller budget, you’ll have to choose a style that is easily created with that amount of funding.

wedding budget

Average cost

According to the 2016 Easy Weddings Annual Wedding Survey, Australian couples originally budget an average of $20,913 for their wedding. When they later revised their budget, these couples believed their budget came to an average of $24,932. What they actually spent was much more, forking out an average of $30,985 for their dream wedding.

How to get started

A great way to gauge how much your estimated budget will stretch over the course of wedding planning, is to use the Easy Weddings Budget Calculator! Simply put in your estimated budget, and follow its suggested budgets depending on category. Easy!

wedding budget

What’s hot and not: the latest wedding cake trends

What’s hot and not: the latest wedding cake trends

According to wedding cake maker (of Sydney Rd’s infamous bridal district), Jessicakes, these are the trends that couples of today are choosing, over and over…. and what’s not so hot at the moment. Bear in mind, everyone’s tastes are different, (pun intended), and at your wedding, you should be able to have whatever cake you like, regardless of the current trends! Here are the latest wedding cake trends:

Photographer: Ferndara Creative

Photographer: Ferndara Creative, Cake: Jessicakes

What’s not:

Red velvet

“Cream cheese is what makes red velvet good. It’s not very exciting without it, and when you use cream cheese frosting, you can’t display your cake! It has to be kept at a cooler temperature.” Said Jessi. Makes sense!

Red velvet cake on the plate

Cupcake towers

“Fewer couples are choosing cupcake towers now. I think they’re out!” Said Jessi.

Couples seem to be favouring having their 2/3+ tiered cake cut up into slices rather than having a cupcake for each guest. And it is generally easier to display and decorate, so it makes perfect sense.

Cupcake Tower at Wedding, Birthday Party Event

Bride and groom cake toppers

The little bride and groom figurine cake toppers aren’t as popular as they used to be. While Jessi has several options, like a groom and groom and a bride and bride and a variety of poses, she said that fewer couples are choosing these over other types of cake toppers.

Newlyweds cutting wedding cake

What’s hot:

Title cake toppers

Couples seem to be opting for Mrs/Mr/Mx signs, Mr and Mr Surname, their two first names or even love quotes!

Wedding Cake

Fresh flowers on cakes

“Of course, fresh flowers on cakes are in at the moment”, says Jessi. It really ties in the whole look to have your cake match your flowers and decor. Collaborate with your florist and organise for them to give your cake maker ample flowers for the cake.

White wedding cake with flowers

Paper flowers

“Paper flowers are really popular too,” Jessi said. These are ideal for cakes and make great decor items as well.

Table with paper flowers


Metallic everything is in. You can perfectly match your styling elements to your cake! “I’ve had so many requests for gold flaking, rose gold, everything.” Said Jessi. It has a really beautiful effect on a cake and can tie everything together.

wedding cake trends


Marbling is very popular at the moment, from all decor items to even wedding cakes. Whether you opt for one tier or the whole cake, you’re going to have a hit with your guests. It’s definitely one of our favourite wedding cake trends. This is one trend we don’t anticipate going anywhere quickly!

No matter what kind of cake you’re after, find the perfect wedding cake maker here.